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Frequently Asked Questions


Company, Work done, and Pricing

Orders And Payments

Q. What type of work do you do.?

A. Smartco Projects is primarily a 'Repair Job Shop', meaning we will take on just about anything in the welding, milling, turning and fabrication repair areas. We do have our limitations however, and these can quickly be ascertained in a phone call to us. We specialise in welding repairs for the automotive field such as gearbox casing repairs, broken brackets and mountings etc. all the way through to garden chairs for private individuals. We also design and manufacture custom parts for various applications. We perform in house design and stress testing using SolidWorks to manufacture your part exactly as you want it. We also undertake very small job runs or one-off custom parts for people who do not want hundreds of parts produced, but are rather looking for a special part to be made for a particular application. That being said, We will gladly repair your bicycle frame or stainless braai - just be advised that a minimum charge will be levied on all work done, depending on the type of work done.

Q. How long have you been in existence?

A. Smartco Products is a new company by name only. Its parent company, Transvaal Electrical, has been in existence since 1992. We have simply created a dedicated portal to deal with the work that we always took on as a side business only.

Q. Do you take on small jobs?

A. Absolutely! In fact, we are not really geared up for volume or production work at all. We will take on work of any size, providing that there are not hundreds and hundreds of the same part. We love when people bring us challenging designs or parts and want us to improve or modify it in some way. We also love the challenge involved in making new parts being used for developmental purposes.

Q. Do you have CNC machinery?

A. At this point in time we do not, and that is one of the reasons for not doing large number production work. The other of course is that it doesn't offer the challenges of the one-off jobs, and is essentially quite boring!

Q. Do you do mobile work?

A. Unfortunately not. Most of the equipment used to effect repairs is too heavy and bulky to transport to job sites. For normal work or repairs, the work needs to come to us.

Q. What are your rates?

A. Our rates vary according to the work being performed. TIG welding aluminium costs more than arc welding steel, for example. We also have a minumum charge that is levied irrespective of the job size. Please call us for more details.

Q. What is the procedure to bring you work to be done?

A. A quick phone call is all it takes to make an appointment and to make sure I am at the workshop to see you. I work essentially by appointment only because I may be busy welding or machining a repair when you pop past the workshop.

Q. How do I place an order for work to be done?

A. For small quick jobs for established customers, a telephone call will suffice. For larger jobs irrespective of the source, an emailed order accompanying a signed quotation will get the ball rolling.

Q. What payment methods and terms do you offer?

A. Payment terms for all work performed is COD, with more involved work requiring a deposit before commencement. For all work done, payment must be done either by cleared EFT, cash or credit card - before the work is released.