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Smartco Projects is owner-run and operated and offers clients unique options for manufacturing or repairing broken metal parts that are costly to replace, hard to find, or unavailable. We offer specialised welding and machining services to repair or manufacture your parts.

Our service offerings cover the automotive, printing, manufacturing and industrial sectors, as well as private sector work. No job is too small for us to tackle. We also offer an emergency breakdown service with an overnight turn around if possible.

Most times, OEM parts come as complete assemblies or are not available locally. With assemblies, we can manufacture or repair the needed component without the customer purchasing the entire assembly. If imported, OEM machinery parts, for example, are very costly. When you add in import costs and machine downtime, a custom part made by us becomes a viable and attractive option.

We never want to chase work away, but truth be told, repairs are often too costly for certain things. Small common automotive parts are a case in point. If they're available in scrap yards, chances are we won't be able to fix them for a comparable amount.

We offer great value if you need a new gear or shaft for an imported machine, or you need to weld a broken mounting lug back onto an expensive gearbox or steering arm. Or to repair a garden chair with a broken leg that is only sold in complete sets. We can fix high value parts for a fraction of the new part price. They will be as good as new, just as strong, and we can do it quickly.

Our scope of work is diverse, as you can see from our repair gallery. We do all work to a standard of the highest quality, beyond reproach. You have two points of contact for us, and one person handles all the work - from start to finish.

Do yourself or your business a favour and call us.

Steve and Fats.