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Most of the aluminium welding we do is repair based. These repairs range from automotive and industrial work to cast aluminium garden chairs. We also specialise in the repair of aluminium bicycle frames.

Bicycle frame welding repair Intake manifold welding repair Welding repair to truck gearbox mounting Aluminium shaft welding repair Aluminium roller repair Aluminium garden chair welding repair

For more aluminium repairs and processes, see our picture gallery.


We also undertake custom aluminium fabrication, on a one-off basis or small runs.  

Custom made supercharger pulleys R8 air to water intercooler manufactured Aluminium geolocator manufactured Aluminium spacer block Aluminium waveguide component manufactured Audi custom throttle body adaptor plate

For more fabrication pictures and processes, see our picture gallery.

Aluminium repair welding is very different to welding virgin aluminium material. In most cases, the part being repaired is very dirty, painted, or soiled with oil. This oil seeps into aluminium castings, and a tremendous amount of time and effort is required to prepare the base metal. We do this to provide a clean, impurity-free surface for welding. Without this preparation, we will fill the resulting weld with porosity and impurities. This weld will be messy and weak, and therefore not reliable.


  • Aluminium roof rack repairs
  • Aluminium sump repairs
  • Aluminium garden chair repairs
  • Aluminium diff. mounting repairs
  • Aluminium gearbox mount repairs
  • Aluminium water pump repairs
  • Aluminium therm. housing repairs
  • Aluminium impeller housing repairs
  • Aluminium pram repairs
  • Aluminium motor casing repairs
  • Aluminium T-top repairs
  • Aluminium hydraulic valve repairs
  • Aluminium bike side cover repairs
  • Aluminium vehicle fender repairs
  • Aluminium vehicle bonnet repairs
  • Aluminium cylinder head repairs
  • Aluminium sub-frame repairs
  • Aluminium bicycle frame repairs
  • Aluminium quad frame repairs
  • Aluminium oil cooler repairs
  • Aluminium tappet cover repairs
  • Aluminium intake manifold repairs
  • Aluminium intake manifold mods
  • Aluminium diesel tank repairs
  • Aluminium intercooler repairs
  • Aluminium aircon pipe repairs
  • Aluminium wheelchair repairs


  • Aluminium pressure vessels
  • Aluminium camera dolly's
  • Aluminium Intercoolers
  • Aluminium supercharger pulleys
  • Aluminium geo locators
  • Aluminium mounting plates
  • Aluminium robotic parts
  • Aluminium model plane exhausts
  • Aluminium robotic parts
  • Aluminium tunnel crawler
  • Aluminium tubing structures
  • Aluminium fuel tanks
  • Aluminium axle end caps
  • Aluminium vehicle shelving
  • Aluminium diesel tanks
  • Aluminium adapter plates