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Differential Welding Repair

Most of the welding done at Smartco is repair-based. We do extensive work for the automotive industry, i.e., service centres and panel beaters. We also specialise in making industrial parts and offer specialised welding and machining repairs. To avoid excessive customer downtime, we offer an overnight turn around time where possible.

Differential Welding Repair

We regularly perform work falling outside these industries as well. General welding, machining, or fabrication for private individuals is also done. To get a better idea of what we do, please have a look at our picture gallery.

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Gear Plate Repair

As with welding, most of the machining work done is to complete a repair for the industries mentioned above. However, we also make new shafts, gears, mounting plates, etc. for the printing, manufacturing, and other service-related industries too.. 

Gear Plate Repair

It is often more cost effective to produce a one-off replacement part than it is to import an original OEM part. This is especially true when taking exchange rates and downtime costs into account. Please have a look at our picture gallery for work examples.

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Custom supercharger pulleys

Although pure fabrication seldom forms part of our service offering, we have fabricated new custom components or assemblies as per our customer’s request. As an example of this, we would modify parts and / or assemblies created from OEM parts or for OEM parts. For images of this type of work, please visit our picture gallery.

Custom Aluminium vacuum containers


Welding lessons are given on a one-to-one basis. There is no certification issued at the completion of the course. The lessons are aimed at the DIY person or small business owner that needs to be proficient at TIG welding, and not at a job seeker that needs certification. The welding instruction offered covers aluminium TIG welding.